We have a limited one (1) year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Claim Checklist

1. Must be the original purchaser of the product
2. Have the original purchase receipt (no exceptions)
3. Damage not caused by impact or wear and tear (please check the list below)

By making a warranty claim I acknowledge that I am the original purchaser of this product and can support this with the original purchase receipt from an authorized Ashbury dealer. I understand that damage caused by impact or wear and tear are not covered by this warranty, but may be repaired at a reasonable cost.

What is NOT Covered

1. Scratched lenses
2. Damage by impact
3. Scratches, chips, dents, or any other cosmetic damage
4. Cut or torn padding
5. Damage to strap fabric
6. Damage other goods like helmets
7. Lost parts
8. Softened flex of injected components
9. Sheared off components
10. Damage incurred in shipping
11. Purchasing the wrong size or fit
12. Product purchased from Ebay, Craiglist, Facebook marketplace, etc…
13. Abuse, misuse or tampering will automatically void the warranty

Replacement Parts

We always do our best to replace the exact part in the exact color, but due to limited supply, sometimes an exact match is not available. We want to get you back on the hill as quickly as possible, therefore we will supply you with a functional replacement of a color of our availability. If your claim is not covered by warranty we will forward you to our spare parts store on our website.

Claim Form