I love cover sequences.

Danny Larsen still going from the night prior, trying to bring Thomaz and Alex into it.

Alex’ gift.

Physics teacher at Leeds University?

Toni Kerkela leaking me his footy. Did you see his FULL PART on last week?

I believe this is a Jon Kooley quote?

Alex getting cozy with this older German lady.

After dinner with our Salomon homies the subway made everyone get out…

Java Fernandez moon walk.

Kevin Stevenson ascension.

The longest escalator in the history of transportation.


Keegan Vailaka showing off his meal.

K2’s Cory Little and Hunter Waldron.

Our boys from Rome, Fabrizio, Fabrizio, and Andrea.

Sara and Ray.

Alex enjoying our final dinner at Garam Masala.

Camera shy?

Spinnin for the King.

Ben Bilocq flew from Helsinki to Munich for the last day of the show. Ben Beezy!

And we’re out.